About Our Company  


Every culture is distinguished by their songs, dance, and fine arts. But most notably, it is their unique ethnic medicinal herbs, food, and beverages that enhances their “health and longevity” along with their distinctive lifestyle. Ginseng was perfected in Korea for well-being. Turmeric is cultivated in India for cleansing the liver and kidneys. Awamori, a distinctive herbal distilled spirit from Okinawa utilized in herbal cocktails and cooking is moderately consumed to elevate their life condition. Each one of these exceptional medicinal recipes can be duplicated to enrich our own way of life no matter where we live.

Lotus Spirits is an importer that specializes in natural wellness, longevity products, and Herbal Awamori” from Okinawa. We focus on commodities that come from the “Blue Zones” or areas of the world who have the healthiest and longest living people in the civilized world today.

Each one of our crafters are passionate artisans dedicated to handcrafting their product symbolic of their healthy lifestyle and culture.

We are honored to share our cultural fusion of medicinal herbs, teas, and herbal awamori spirits for your product portfolio.

Our mission is to be an outstanding enterprise, skilled at all facets of trade, earning your trust as the supplier of choice.

Our great vision is to allocate proceeds from Lotus Spirits to worthwhile causes for the advancement of world peace.

In the East, the Lotus flower is a symbol of a living entity starting as an innocent seed planted in the muddy impurities of the earth. Yet, makes due with the circumstances given and blossoms into a beautiful flower through life’s struggles, obstacles, and heartaches.

The Lotus blossom is our icon embodying the hope, faith, and possibilities of continuously striving to improve our daily life condition through compelling relationships.

Welcome to our world of sharing ‘health and longevity recipes to live by’ . . . to celebrate life!