Awamori, “Brings People Together”  


During the 13th century, also considered the “Golden Years of Okinawa”, awamori was utilized to “Bring People Together” for the purpose of peaceful dialogue between nations and European explorers. The Okinawans felt that their island was not able to compete with the powerful military forces from other countries. Instead of developing armies to conquer by force, Okinawans created highly trained armies of diplomats to prevent conquerors from dominating them. Thus, the art of peaceful dialogue and sharing the culture became Okinawa’s greatest weapon. Throughout Asia, Okinawa became a neutral meeting ground where people of all cultures gathered as a safe haven.

Awamori, being a precious commodity carefully crafted and aged became the key tool diplomats utilized to seal the bond during negotiations and as a departing gift.

However, through modernization, World War II broke out, over 250 thousand people died during the “Battle of Okinawa”. Loved ones and civilians perished. Since that devastating time, Okinawans believe that “peace” should never be taken for granted and cherished at all cost. During World War II, the most prized awamori was destroyed. Recorded in history books were aged awamori dating back over 300 years which was demolished.

Today, awamori is being rejuvenated; it has once again become the tool to bridge people together for the mission of peace. The Okinawan tradition of bringing out the best aged awamori or kusu is used to resolve conflicts and create harmony.

The aged awamori you craft in your home can be shared with the best of friends and family. The rapport you continue to build by sharing this precious awamori will continue to “Bring People Together” in the mission of peace.

Please join and share herbal awamori with us at our next Supper Club.
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