Cooking with Kuba Awamori  


Why Cook with Kuba Awamori?
The Okinawans are considered the healthiest and longest living human beings in the civilized world today. Their food pairing selections, exercise, and sense of community add to the life span of a human being which can easily be duplicated in each community outside of Okinawa.

There is a movement across the United States called the “Blue Zones” project which promotes extended life expectancies and well-being. The concepts of longevity well-being are replicated from the Okinawan lifestyle. One of the nine keys to longevity is engaging socially with friends and family with an alcohol beverage in moderation such as wine or awamori spirits. Again, I would like to stress in “balanced moderation.”

Kuba awamori takes this to another level; awamori is considered the purest natural organic distilled spirit which has no congeners. It is utilized as an herbal tonic in cooking and readily available much like any other vital cooking ingredient such as spices, salt, or oils in the kitchen cabinet. Awamori is also utilized as a marinating sauce to eliminate toxins from pork, fish, or chicken.

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