How to Get Started?  


The prized Kusu or Awamori can be aged in the comfort of your own home. All you need is awamori, an earthenware pot (kame) and your tender loving care. Even aging the awamori in a kame for one month makes a difference in taste and aroma. Lotus Spirits LLc is a licensed USA distilled spirit importer, therefore, we are able to acquire the necessary items needed for you to age your own awamori.

It is believed, a sixty year old awamori just evaporates in your mouth. But you don’t have to age awamori that long to enjoy it. Just follow a simple proven system passed down from generations. In the East it is called the “Shitsugi” method. In the West it is called the “Solera” system. By placing the specially made kames in your home it is actually ascetically attractive. The aging awamori in the kame is your genuine prized possession only shared with those you personally select. Like any art, there is much to learn, however, mother-nature does all the work. By providing the right tools to let mother-nature perfect her talent, you will get all the acknowledgements in the art of aging awamori.

The best way to simply explain the Solera system relating it to the aging of awamori in kames please watch these videos. Click here 1) The Solera System and 2) The Solera

IMPORTANT: The earthenware pots (Kames) are specially created from natural clay with no dye, lead, or toxicity. The kame is made so it can breathe yet hold the liquid; as a result, it takes a skillful ceramic artist to fire it up correctly from the right clay. Do not put the awamori in just any ceramic, especially glazed ceramics; it will not breathe at all, it is the same as putting it in a glass bottle. There will be some evaporation in the natural kame, estimated at 6% to 10% per year. Distillers call this “angel share” meaning you are giving the angels their share of the distilled spirits through evaporation. The more space between the awamori and the top of the kame, the faster the awamori will mature because of the breathing space in the kame. Therefore, more angels share, so you will need to periodically check on the awamori and keep the cap tight. If not, the angels will take more than their share if not all of it! The best Kames come from Okinawa specially made for aging the awamori. It is made with no toxins, lead, or artificial dye. It can be found on our website (click here).

The beverages on the retail shelf are catered for the masses, mass produced in quantity to fulfill the general public’s needs. I have been importing awamori for over 15 years and learned from the “school of hard knocks” that awamori is not for everyone. Those that gravitate to aging awamori in their homes are truly distinctive. They possess an innate faith of awareness that anything is achievable. They are unconventional and seem to be instruments themselves in harnessing the intangible spirits from this universe to excel in their own passion in life.

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USA Federal, State, and County laws require only licensed alcohol operators to re-sell distilled spirits to direct consumers. Therefore, Lotus Spirits can only sell the Kames online to you. To purchase the Kuba Vintage Awamori refill vacuum packs to fill your Kames for aging the awamori, please provide us with your favorite liquor retailer and we will ship the Kuba Vintage Awamori direct to them and you can pay and pick up the awamori there on a regular basis.

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