Private Herbal Tonic Cocktail Tastings  


The Story of Herbal Tonic Cocktails
As recorded by historians, distilling spirits was developed in 800 AD by the Arab alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan. The word ‘alembic’ is derived from the metaphoric meaning of ‘that which refines; which transmutes’ through distillation. Distilling found its way to Mesopotamia, Asia, and finally through European countries. Through the ingenuity of monks living in sanctuaries, distilled spirits was utilized as an herbal medicine to ease the pain of the ill. Thus, the name “spirits” acquired its name.

Ancient physicians then developed spirits to sterilize internal organs during disease stricken periods, especially in famine stricken countries. Monks and alchemist discovered natural herbs contributed to healing as well as overall well-being. They also discovered the distilled spirit thinned the blood and when combined with vine ripen herbs, fruits, and vegetables the human body absorbed nutrients much more efficiently. Herbal medicine methods spread rapidly to key trading routes where each culture utilized their natural resources to perfect their own unique herbal tonics. At the same time, skillful alchemist held on to their own family herbal secrets passing it on to each generation.

Today, in this twenty-first century we are the benefactors of the refined art of “Herbal Tonic Cocktails”. Many of you have never heard of Herbal Tonic Cocktails . . . until now. Long story short, we are back to full circle from ancient eras changing poison into medicine. In Asia, “Herbal Tonics” are created from every known living organism soaked in awamori carefully blended for numerous aliments. Okinawans mix turmeric, honey, and garlic aged in an earthenware pot sipped slowly and taken nightly before sleeping as a longevity regimen. Herbal tonics in awamori existed for centuries. It is proven to contribute to the well-being of humans and now we share it with the world.

Private Tastings
If you are looking for a memorable out-of-the-box experience for your event, why not do a “Herbal Tonic Cocktail Tasting”?

This tasting experience is normally at a private residence designed for fifteen to sixty people. It is harmonized so it is warm and inviting so your guest will interact with each other naturally sipping herbal aged awamori cocktails. 

The setting is a simple small table with a red table cloth, three earthenware pots (kame) pleasing to the eye lined up by sizes small to large. Glass cups are positioned in the front of the kames and the ice is on the side of the table. Each of the three kames has awamori aged differently for diversity. Three varieties of herbal tonic cocktails are also served.

Randy Kuba will be there to explain how to drink herbal tonic awamori and answer any questions. 

The “Herbal Tonic Cocktail Tasting “is classy, pairs well with any vegetable, fish, poultry, or meat dishes, and adds variety to wine or other cocktails you will be serving.

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