What is Mana Moai?  


Mana means "power" in Hawaiian and Moai (Mo wai) is an Okinawan term that supports each others well-being and goals as a group. Watch these videos that explain more about our Mana Moai and what we want to accomplish in Hawaii!

   - The Power of a Moai? click here
   - Walking together as a Moai: click here
   - Supporting each other in a Moai: click here

  Why we focus on our Mana Moai?  

Some of us are of Okinawan ancestry and want to learn more about our culture and lifestyle of our homeland. We would like to share what we learn with everyone, no matter what ethnic background or culture to continuously make this island a healthier and pleasant community. Here are some videos to share:

   - Longevity Recipes to Live By: click here
   - Lifestyle Choices: click here
   - Healthy Lifestyle Choices: click here
   - Lifestyle Choices of Women: click here
   - Eat Better to Live Longer: click here

  Where do we meet and how can you join us?  

Contact Randy Kuba at (808) 780-3440 or
Email at Randy@LotusSpirits.com or
Apply online at our JOIN OUR OHANA newsletter