What is Awamori and Shochu?  


“Awa” what? Awamori (pronounced: a wa mo re) is a unique distilled spirit from Okinawa which is made from Thai indicia rice distilled in the traditional pot method, and aged in ceramic earthenware pots. Awamori distilling and the art of aging awamori has been in existence for over 700 years. It is the purest and most natural organic tasting spirit in the world. What makes awamori different from other liquor beverages is an ingredient called “koji” which is a black moss indigenous to Okinawa.

  How to Drink Awamori and Shochu  

Awamori is a distilled spirit in the category of brandy, vodka, gin, tequila, or rum. Anything you can do with those spirits, you can do with awamori. If you are creating a cocktail, it is very compatible and best mixed with fresh citrus fruit juice.

The very best way to enjoy awamori is the simple way. In Okinawa it is called “mizuwari”. Fill your glass with cubed ice, pour a jigger of awamori over the ice, let it sit for 15 seconds, fill the glass with water, and stir slowly. If you want to add a slight variety, just add a slice of lime, lemon, or mint leaves. During meals, just eat and sip, eat and sip.

For all health fanatics, awamori naturally dissolves the oily substances from your food during intake much like polyphenols do with wine. Okinawans are considered the longest living human beings in the civilized world according to National Geographic. find out more


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