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What is Awamori & Shochu?
“Awa” what? Awamori (pronounced: a wa mo re) is a unique distilled spirit from Okinawa which is made from Thai indicia rice distilled in the traditional pot meth-
od, and aged in ceramic earthenware
pots. Awamori distilling and the art of aging awamori has been in existence for over 700 years. It is the purest and most natural organic tasting . . .  continued


Why Awamori & Shochu?  
Take a seat at your favorite local bar.
When it comes to a choice for cocktail, there’s a plethora to choose from — well now, add to the list one more. It is a
secret more than 700 years-old landing
on American shores for the first time.
Awamori is a distilled spirit rich and hearty in taste, indigenous and unique only to Okinawa. Awamori is now . . .  continued


How to Get Started?  
The prized Kusu or Awamori can be aged
in the comfort of your own home. All you need is awamori, an earthenware pot (kame) and your tender loving care. Even aging the awamori in a kame for one
month makes a difference in taste and aroma. Lotus Spirits LLc is a licensed USA distilled spirit importer, therefore, we
are able to acquire the . . .  continued
  The Key to Great Tasting

Plain and simple, it is the art of aging awamori in earthenware ceramic pots called a “kame” that creates a distilled spirit unlike anything on a retail shelf.
The aged Awamori over three years is called “Kusu”. The longer it is aged, the smoother the taste and aroma; it is equal to or better than Cognac. On the island
of Okinawa, many families age awamori anywhere from one . . .  continued
    Awamori,“Brings People Together”
During the 13th century, also considered the “Golden Years of Okinawa”, awamori was utilized to “Bring People Together” for the purpose of peaceful dialogue between nations and European explorers. The Okinawan’s felt that their island was not able to compete with the powerful military forces from other countries. Instead of developing armies to conquer
by force, Okinawans . . .  continued
    Mana Moai
What is Mana Moai? Mana means "power"
in Hawaiian and Moai (Mo wai) is an Okinawan term that supports each other's well-being and goals as a group. Some of
us are of Okinawan ancestry and want to learn more about our culture and lifestyle of our homeland. We would like to share what we learn with everyone, no matter what ethnic background or culture to continuously make this island a healthier and pleasant . . .  continued
  Private Herbal Tonic

If you are looking for a memorable out-
of-the-box experience for your event,
why not do a “Herbal Tonic Cocktail Tasting”? This tasting experience is normally at a private . . . continued
    shuri     Cooking with Kuba Awamori
Why cook with Kuba Awamori? The Okinawans are considered the healthiest and longest living human beings in the civilized world today. Their food pairing selections, exercise, and sense of community . . . continued